Recycling in the Classroom

About Kionna

Meet Kionna
“While I will serve as your State Representative I will also serve as your neighbor fighting for change.”

Kionna West, Big city girl with big ideas to change the city of Philadelphia. A mother of one and the eldest of three, Kionna discovered at an early age her passion for serving. In her youth she sought to volunteer; Partnering with local non-profits for neighborhood clean-up, rebuilding opportunities and aiding in donation drives for low-income students in impoverished schools.


One of Kionna’s most passionate topics comes from personal experience; having to endure motherhood and childhood hardships relating to Domestic Violence. She vowed to become a voice and advocate for women experiencing abuse. She supports the VAWA Act.


Finding a way to give back to her community; she worked first with friends and family to develop skills that weren’t being taught in inner city schools. Skills she later offered to high school age students in professional development, resume workshops and interviewing skills aligned with their professional goals.


Kionna’ s professional career encompasses more than half a decade of banking and finance experience, Gaining professional recognition from one of the nation’s largest banks. Kionna plans to use this knowledge and experience by advocating for resources that fund programs and local projects that benefit the community.


Currently pursuing her law degree, she plans to become the justice she did not receive in family court and assist women and families experiencing hardships navigate our challenging justice system. Kionna is Pro- Family Court Reform.


If you believe that change starts with all of us ; Join us in our commitment for change by volunteering, joining one of our coalitions and supporting us with a donation.


Thank You

-Kionna West