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District 200

“The representation Pennsylvania deserves, Kionna West for State Representative”



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Kionna West; a dynamic candidate and leader. A woman of God, conservative, pro-life, pro-women’s rights, pro-Family Court Reform and pro-parent choice is running for State Representative.


As a Philadelphia native I vow to put the city and its citizens first. I plan to serve as a voice for the people of Philadelphia to get their needs heard and addressed to our local and national leaders.


Philadelphia ranks among the worst for big cities in the U.S for citizens living in poverty. Nearly 1 in 3 children live below the poverty line. Thousands of Philadelphia children are on waitlist for schools to receive a better education and permanent housing while experiencing homelessness.


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US Election
I thought we were pro-life?

Philadelphia’s well has run dry and the common family in the commonwealth are feeling the drought.

Funds for our city have been misused and mishandled and our most vulnerable population has been pushed further into the shadows. Since 1952 the current democratic leadership has pushed the city into dark times. Crime has not only skyrocketed but have been incentivized by lack of prosecution or acknowledgement.

Why Vote Kionna West ?
Is this what we voted for? Is this what Pennsylvania deserves? Now is the time to vote different; Kionna West is that difference.
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With your vote and support I promise to become that change and difference in our communities. While I plan to serve as your State Representative I will also serve as your neighbor whose tenacity in fighting for change evolved into a passion for serving others. I’ll advocate to re-route funds to invest in our children education. I’ll support our parents on school choice and serve as an advocate for pro-parent choice and stop this government overreach. I’ll support legislation that benefit small businesses increasing programs, funding and opportunities that help them thrive and hire in their community. I’ll back legislation and programs that support neighborhood restoration that will lead to an increase in our property values. I’ll serve as middleman aiming to rebuild minority relationships with police in our community. I’ll work with legislators to enforce Women’s rights and support the VAWA Act.


Philadelphia has endured one pandemic after another now with crime on the rise, criminals have overtaken our city and forced us back in with fear of becoming their next victim.

Citizens of District 200, you are seen and you are heard and you deserve representation now.

“The representation Pennsylvania deserves, Kionna West for State Representative
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Kionna West

“While I will serve as your State Representative I will also serve as your neighbor fighting for change.”


Kionna West, Big city girl with big ideas to change the city of Philadelphia. A mother of one and the eldest of three, Kionna discovered at an early age her passion for serving. In her youth she sought to volunteer; Partnering with local non-profits for neighborhood clean-up, rebuilding impoverished schools and aiding in donation drives for inner-city students.


One of Kionna’s most passionate topics comes from personal experience; having to endure motherhood and childhood hardships relating to Domestic Violence. She vowed to become a voice and advocate for women experiencing abuse. She supports the VAWA Act.

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